The InnoSepra team has a wide range of experience in technology development and commercialization having taken more than 50 technologies from the lab and bench scale to commercial scale for The BOC Group.  The technologies include production and purification of industrial gases, and use of industrial gases for various applications. 


DR. Ravi jain

Ravi (Ph.D., Chem. Eng., The University of Michigan) is the Founder and President.  He developed and commercialized more than 25 technologies at The BOC Group.  He is the Inventor of InnoSepra’s CO2 separation technologies.


Alberto (Ph.D., Chem. Eng., Imperial College, London) is a Technology Director.  He developed and commercialized a number of adsorption-based technologies in areas of air separation, and controlled atmospheres for The BOC Group.


Alex (M.Sc., Environ Mgmt & Policy, Lund University, Sweden) is VP of Project Development.  Most recently Alex led the development, construction and initial operations of Harvest Power's three large-scale organic waste-to-energy digester projects; first of their kinds for N. America.

DR. Vivek Soni

Vivek (Ph.D., Univ of Massachusetts) is Vice President, Business Development.   He was a venture advisor for Nomura’s Cleantech Venture Fund and is very active in developing biogas and renewable energy projects in various countries.

Abhinav JAIN

Abhinav (B.S., Chemical-Biological Eng, MIT, Cambridge, MA) is a Business Development Advisor. He assists with venture pitches and strategic discussions, as well as proposals for grant funding.