Customer Driven Solutions

The InnoSepra team has extensive technology development and commercialization experience in gas separation, purification and application areas having taken more than 50 technologies from lab and pilot scale to commercial scale.  We have worked with large industrial gas companies, oil companies, national labs, and CO2 pipeline companies in various technology areas.  The technology areas worked on include:

  • Pressure and Temperature Swing Adsorption, membranes, catalytic purification, and distillation for air separation by cryogenic and non-cryogenic means
  • Hydrogen purification for fuel cell applications
  • Carbon dioxide purification (removal of sulfur compounds, VOCs, hydrocarbons, benzene etc) for the merchant market
  • Recovery of various gases including helium and PFCs
  • Production of electronic gases such as nitrogen trifluoride
  • Optimization of ozone use in drinking water applications
  • Power plant pollutants removal

We can put this knowledge to work for you to help develop custom solutions for your gas separation and purification needs.